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Treat it with respect.

For many thousands of years peat has sustained nations with its ability to provide heat and power and to support growth. It is still a rich natural resource, which rightly requires protection for generations. This protection is provided by formal regulation to which Better Growing fully subscribes.

Our Irish peat bogs which are non designated SSSI sites are ethically and environmentally managed to support re-growth. Also, our use of wood and bark fines, coir and other modern environmental processed media are all being carefully assessed and the correct necessary fertiliser support added to ensure quality plant growth.

We look upon our company not just as a ‘supplier’ but more importantly as a ‘sustainer’ of natural resources and take great care how we manage these rich assets.

Full peat or peat free?

Whether you require full peat, reduced peat, John Innes, 100% peat free composts, or bark - these can all be supplied in bags or bales along with a promise to meet our policy of all products being ethically and environmentally managed.

In todays climate the opportunity to create quality growing media from sustainable natural resources is a challenge which Better Growing is keenly embracing.

Better Growing has spent the past two years researching resources other than peat which can give your customers assured growing. In 2006 and early 2007 our independent grower trials approved our new product mixes - we highly endorse these to your customers who desire to use environmental style composts.

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